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LCST provides practical telecommunication training which teaches you how to configure telecom equipment and implement telecom engineering projects in the real world.

Our telecom courses lead to certificate in telecom as well as diploma in telecom, and guarantees job in telecom industry.

Graduates are offered opportunity to complete 6 months internship with telecom companies, after the training.

Specialists in Practical IT and Telecom Training Telecom topics covered in the training include

Installing and Configuring Local Area Networks (Wired), Cisco Devices Installation and Configuration, Implementing VoIP on LANs and MANs, Implementing VPNs, Linux Administration, Radio Equipment (RF) Installation and Configuration, VSAT Assembly, Installation and Configuration, Introduction to Fibre Optics, Introduction to GSM, BTS Engineering, PDH/SDH Installation and Commissioning, Network Operations Centre (NOC) Engineering, Virtualization & Cloud Computing, 3G Installation and Commissioning Engineering, SWAP Installation and Commissioning to Engineering, RN Planning, Drive Test and Optimisation.

Our training bridges the gap between the theory you have learned in university and the practical that the industry requires; so if you are looking to start a career in telecommunications, contact us today.








Corporate Service exceeds expectations without dismissing practical and financial needs .We believe each business should be treated individually .We pride ourselves on delivering a truly hassle-free, first class service with superior results. Using dedicated Professionals, Seasoned Educational Specialists and top flight Management Consultants that make technology work for various sizes of organisations.

We are a company that believes in strong partnerships and technical excellence and our aim is always to provide our clients with quality solutions and services that deliver value  quickly.

Welcome to a world where first class service is unsurpassed. Like you, LCST believes in investing in the best – including the people and clients who contribute to making your business the success it is today. The ‘best’ is also relevant to our services and experiences; where every services or event is created with your needs are our first top priority.

Our Corporate Training Includes:

* Customer Care
* Human Resources etc


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